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В данный момент мы занимаемся разработкой инструмента автоматизации управления и создания форм. Рабочее название проекта - OpenCart Forms module.

В OpenCart Forms module v0.1a мы планируем реализовать следующий функционал:

Features lists:

1. Multiple forms.
2. Drag and drop creation.
3. Required and non required options.
4. Editing of Label text, help text, HTML attributes such as id, name, type, placeholder.
5. Custom form titles and URLs
6. Multiple email address for each form.
7. Delete, enable and disable form.
8. Clear form options.
9. OpenCart Captcha spam protection (if enabled in OpenCart).
10. Standart CSS Bootstrap form layout.
11. Front-end (JavaScript) Form Validation.
12. Back-end (Server-side) Form Validation.
13. Custom form actions.
14. SEO faetures: title, h1, description, keywords. 
15. SEO URLs.
16. POST and AJAX.
17. Multiple languages support.
18. Successful and error form messages.
19. Supported inputs: text, email, password, telephone, file, url, number, range, color, date, time, datetime, month, week, select, radio, checkbox, submit, clear.
20. HTML editing and Properties editor.
21. Automatic module installation.

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